The Story of Toys

In one old city, in a big old mansion, in an old beautiful box, on the eve of Christmas, the CHRISTMAS-TREE DECORATIONS are waking up. In anticipation of the holiday, a debate is flaring up – who is THE MOST IMPORTANT toy on the Christmas party?


While arguing, there wakes up the oldest toy – an OLD DULL CLOWN, who states that HE is going to be the MOST IMPORTANT TOY, because he has been left at the bottom of the box for years and is pretty offended by that.  In revenge, he crashes the magic clock. Everyone is upset and disappointed – that was the clock with the ‘FIVE-TO-TWELVE’ clock-face, and now Christmas may not come.


One of the toys remembers a legend, according to which at Christmas time a Miracle can happen. The only condition is to desire it a lot and to remember the happiest day in the life.


The toys start to recollect their lives, from workshops and toy masters, to the moment, when they found themselves in the box. And little by little, the fragments of magic clock assemble, and the TIME OF CHRISTMAS starts to sound.

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